Why go for reclaimed brick slips?

Reclaimed brick slipsNothing adorns a classic house as beautifully as traditional cladding – reclaimed brick slips. Decorative bricks, both interior and exterior, are furthermore valued for their practical qualities. Thanks to their three-dimensional and irregular structure, these materials do not accentuate dirt and we associate them with tradition and medieval monumental buildings. On the other hand, the very texture of the raw materials means that they do not absorb dirt and can be effectively cleaned with water. In addition to technical considerations such as the ease of reclaimed brick slips in maintenance is its overall appeal and value. By purchasing such panels, we are giving old brick a new lease of life without wasting its potential.



The visual values of brick cladding

Reclaimed brick slipsRed brick is most often used in external arrangements or as an enhancement to joinery, but it is also increasingly found in interiors. In recent seasons, white and grey decorative bricks for interiors have also become increasingly popular. Some people definitely prefer warmer rooms with soul and character. We would most often describe such a style as rustic and for this, reclaimed brick slips will also work flawlessly. Materials such as wall bricks and decorative bricks for walls are currently very popular, because they perfectly match interiors decorated in the most fashionable styles, not only classic or vintage.